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Why Delegate?

Why should you consider delegating your office work to someone else? That is a question I am asked often. My answer is simple...because you make money and grow your business by putting product on faces and sharing the opportunity! It is as easy as that! The time spent in your office is necessary to keep in touch with your team. Keeping them informed, motivated and prepared is an important part of your job...but nobody ever said you needed to be the one who does it.

Hiring help in your office is a must if you plan to grow. It can be a tricky concept. If you try to hire someone to come in a few days a week to help might find yourself spending more time training then you thought. What happens if you invest time in an assistant only to find that they need more hours or benefits and decide to leave your employ? All that investment is gone and you find yourself starting all over! You may have already experienced this heartache a time or two.

The great news is that we are here to help! My job is to attract and hire talented individuals and offer them competitive pay with health care and paid vacation time. This ensures a happy and committed member of our family and best of all, consistent help for you!

The best thing you can do is hire a skilled service to handle the most difficult items in your office. The items that you either don't have the skill or the time to handle each month. Your team deserves to feel connected and you deserve time out of your office. Take the time we save you each month and hold one extra party! You will find that not only will our services be paid for but you will gain new customers, new sales, new re-order sales, new bookings and new potential team members!

So, ask yourself which sounds better...growth in your business or time in front of your computer screen?

As Mary Kay said, "Don't spend dollar time on penny jobs!"

Let us take care of you and your unit so you can release your full potential and reach your dreams!

Jennifer Boettcher





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