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What our customers are saying...

We love what we do and our customers do too! Please read below to discover some of the fabulous things our customers have said about our services. Click here to add your own comments about our services!


I want you and others to know why I love your service!

As an NSD, I have a large Unit of Consultants also. The postcards you send out for me a beautiful and fun! I so count on your timeliness and professionalism and I do receive both from you!

Thank you for all you do to make me look so great as a Leader!

Deborah Pike
Independent National Sales Director
Cadillac Driver
Customer since 2009


Hi Jennifer & The Whole Newsletter Direct Team!

I just wanted to drop a note of appreciation for all your help in 2012!!! It would have not been the same without you! I know for a fact that it was your creative support in everything you do that made it possible to work my business with such ease and yet get great results.

I definitely feel that a big percentage of that was your personalized card service for all my consultants in the different levels from those placing an order, those that have a Birthday to those that are Inactive or even terminated. The orders just keep popping up and of course this makes my business so simple and productive. I have even had my consultants asking me how did I compose such beautiful cards & how they come at the perfect time when they need them

So You make Me look good!
Love & Belief

Maggie Nevarez
Independent Senior National Sales Director
Cadillac Driver
Customer since 2005


I have been an extremely satisfied Newsletter Direct client for many years. Several of my offspring are also clients of Newsletter Direct. Both the newsletter and the website are quality and professional tools that have streamlined my business and have helped me to be more organized. Owner, Jennifer Boettcher, her office manager Michele, designer Kara and customer service Cindy & Dawn, along with all the supportive staff have been there for me to answer questions, provide customized, excellent business tools and always do it with a smile. I so appreciate that!! Thanks gang! Shelley xo

Shelley A. Eldridge
Independent Future Executive Senior Sales Director
Cadillac Driver
Customer since 2004


I have used Newsletter Direct service (newsletter, mailings and website) since 2005... it was my first step to doubling my unit size and huge growth. They do an awesome job and taking care of my newsletter and making it creative after I just input a little info at the first of the month. The website is great as it's connected to my newsletter and unit recognition, so the only thing I update occasionally is the training material that I have listed. The postcards sent to my unit also help save me a ton of time! I've recommended Newsletter Direct to many, many directors that have also found their services helpful.

Amy Bowman
Independent Sales Director
Cadillac Driver
Customer since 2005


I love Newsletter Direct! They are very professional. They do everything with class! I love the way that the newsletter to the web site all have relating information. I also love that the web site directs them to Mary Kay intouch for information. Keep up the great job.

Cathy Huhta
Independent Senior Sales Director
Cadillac Driver
Customer since 2008


Being a Newsletter Direct customer was definitely the best decision I have made in order to not only organize but also grow my business. Jennifer and her team make my business look professional while saving me time and money. I use many of the services that they provide. Their understanding of Mary Kay and the Director's needs makes them the perfect business partner. They offer customized services and are the most accommodating and innovative professionals available to assist a Directors.

For the last 8 years, they have being instrumental in all types of communication I have with my unit. The newsletter has a very modern and professional design. It is very easy to personalize and delivered timely. Jennifer writes the best articles in it every month! The website service is easy to use and motivating to my unit. I love adding my personal touch while they update all recognition, company information, consultant photos on a weekly basis. I not only use Newsletter Direct's services but also recommend it to all my friends!

Cristina Carper
Independent Senior Sales Director
Cadillac Driver
Customer since 2005


I love what Newsletter Direct has done for my business and for me!

Top 5 reasons why you should consider Newsletter Direct for yourself:
1. Flexibility on who in your unit should receive the newsletter and even if I want the newsletter mailed out is very nice.
2. Ease in putting together your personal articles.
3. Reminder emails on when things have to be completed.
4. If you don't make a deadline they are flexible with you as long as you let them know.
5. Saves me time and money!

Lisa Rada
Independent Future Executive Senior Sales Director
Cadillac Driver
Customer since 2009


Newsletter Direct is terrific. They are easily reached and communicate quickly and with care and intelligence. The systems are simple and effective. Pricing is excellent. I truly suggest using Newsletter Direct to free your time to work and build your business.

Linda Klein
Independent Senior Sales Director
Cadillac Driver
Customer since 2010


I LOVE the services, customer service, and joy that Newsletter Direct brings to my business!!! They make the tasks of Newsletters, postcards, websites, and notifications a breeze!!! I never think about these tasks and I always know they are completed in exceptional style!!!! Newsletter Direct is a MUST HAVE!!!

Kara Gallup
Independent Senior Sales Director
Cadillac Driver
Customer since 2010


I went to Leadership in January 2011 knowing I needed to make some CHANGES in my life and business! My communication with my unit is important, but time just seemed to slip away every month and I often didn't get a newsletter done. Living in a small town in Iowa, it is often hard to find good skilled office help that can do this type of work.

My prayers were answered when I stopped by the Newsletter Direct booth.  They offered me a FREE one month newsletter, and we've been business partners since then. They make my newsletter EASY each month by giving me a "shell" with certain basic documents, yet it is still personalized with a monthly letter from me. I can also choose to NOT use the documents they create and can insert my own contests, pictures or event information in place of these.

My consultants LOVE it – their pictures are in it and our unit goals are in it!  Newsletter Direct not only creates the newsletter for me (they give me a deadline, which they sometimes graciously have to convince me to meet), but they mail it out for me as well right after all the changes are made. I don't have to drive to the "copy center" and pick them up, fold them, address them …. YOU GET it!

Newsletter Direct saves me time, money, frustration, and makes me look professional and lets my consultants know that they are IMPORTANT to me and our unit! It's the "little things" like a monthly newsletter that keep me in touch with my consultants SO ….. when we have a big goal to finish at year-end, they feel a part of our unit and want to help make our unit goals a reality.

Thanks, Newsletter Direct, for making life easier these past two years! I love ALL of your staff! They are all amazing to work with, and I feel very appreciated as your customer!

Jodi Feller
Independent Sales Director
Cadillac Driver
Customer since 2011


I started using Newsletter Direct in January 2007 and I can't tell you what a HUGE difference it's made in my unit! My unit members LOVE seeing themselves in our beautiful, full color newsletter and all of the AMAZING information the team populates our newsletter with, including great training, business tips, tons of recognition, news, and upcoming promotions from Mary Kay. They even provide a way to customize each page so YOU are in control! They provide EXCELLENT, prompt service with a SMILE. So don't delay YOUR success...just DO IT! Sign up with Newsletter Direct TODAY!!!

Monica Barnes
Independent Sales Director
Customer since 2007


Newsletter Direct is the BEST newsletter company I have ever worked with! The entire staff is super friendly, SUPER patient with those who may be "technology challenged" AND super accommodating! Having Jennifer and her team do my newsletter not only makes me look good, but saves me much valued time to spend time with people :) Thanks Newsletter Direct!!

Mary Pat Keith
Independent Senior Sales Director
Customer since 2009




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