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Why pay for something you don't use? All of our postcards are offered independently. You pick and choose what works for you rather than committing to a large postcard mailing package based on your unit size. Best of all, we only charge you for what we mail! When we put a postcard in the mail...we bill you 68¢! That's it!

  • Full-color Two-sided Professional Printing
  • Postcards are Professional and Exciting
  • Includes first-class postage
  • List Preparation and Addressing
  • We print your photo on all postcards
  • Most postcards are translated into Spanish based on preferred language settings on InTouch
  • What's included?

    Everything! We will prepare your postcard list each month. Postcard creation, printing and mailing is included. We always mail your postcards via first-class mail for fast delivery. Postage is included in the price of each postcard. We will even check to see if any of your consultants have notified the U.S. Post Office of a new address!

    Postcards Available Weekly Monthly Quarterly Annually
    New Consultant Training Series : Eight Postcards X      
    New Consultant Motivational Series : Eight Postcards X      
    On-Target Star Quarterly Contest   X    
    Congratulations for Placing an Order   X    
    Consultant Status Announcements : A3-T6   X    
    Birthday Congratulations   X    
    Anniversary Congratulations   X    
    New Product Release Preview     X  

    Preferred Customer Program Enrollment Reminder

    Career Conference Promotion       X
    Black Friday Sale       X
    Christmas Consultant and/or Customer Wishes       X
    Monthly Program Fees $10 per month + 68¢ per postcard
    (includes first-class postage)
    Bundle with an existing service and save $10! only 68¢ per postcard
    (includes first-class postage)
    Limited Edition Promotional Postcards Announced on our website when applicable
    Custom Postcards $25 Setup + 76¢ each One week turn around time

    How much?

    New consultant training and motivation postcards mail one per week from weeks 1 through 16. Star On-Target, Congratulations on your Order, Birthday, Anniversary and Status mail each month after Mary Kay® has updated their reports and consultant lists for the new month. Preferred Customer Program and Product Preview mail once per quarter. All other designs will be announced on our website as they are offered.

    How much?

    $10 per month + 68¢ per postcard (includes first-class postage) à la carte. Bundle with an existing service and save $10 per month. That means you only pay 68¢ per postcard!

    How much?

    Click here to open our short new customer form.

    How much?

    Click here to open our information request form.



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