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Keep your consultants connected! Your newsletter is a very important communication and recognition tool. This monthly document makes your consultants feel like they are a part of the team!

There are a couple of schools of thought on how the newsletter should be delivered. Some Sales Directors send it via email however, most still mail it. There is something special about receiving the actual newsletter in the mail.  It makes it feel "real".

We can deliver your newsletter your way...the amount of time you save is up to you!

  • a simple PDF that you can email to your unit
  • we can print and ship it to you for mailing
  • or let us print and mail directly to your consultants
  • Best of all, we can create your newsletter for as low as $29 per month when bundled with an existing service! (only $39 à la carte).

    What's included?

    We are proud to offer you a complete newsletter that is packed with exciting information. You can also customize almost any section of your newsletter to add your own personal touch!

    Newsletter Content 4 Page 8 Page
    Multiple Formats to Fit Your Needs   X
    News Flash/Letter : add your own personal note or we can fill it in for you x X
    On-Trend Training and Motivation Articles : two pages provided by Newsletter Direct x X
    Photo of Queen of Wholesale x X
    Top five Wholesale Name Recognition x X
    Photo of Queen of Retail : based on weekly accomplishment sheets   X
    Top five Retail Name Recognition   X
    Photo of Queen of Sharing x X
    Top five Sharing Name Recognition x X
    On-Target Star Contest Standings x X
    Court of Sales Top Ten Names   X
    Court of Sharing Top Five Names   X
    Weekly Accomplishment Sheets Recap   X
    Team Builders x x
    Team Builders and Their Teams   X
    Career Level Education Chart   X
    Welcome New Consultants x X
    Birthdays x X
    Anniversaries x X
    Unit Challenge : we offer stock challenges or you can submit your own   X
    Product Knowledge Corner : a product is featured each month   X
    Seminar Court Prizes   X
    Company Challenges x X
    Calendar of Events : we fill in company information, you fill in your personal events   X
    Wholesale Order Recognition : includes all ordering consultants with or without dollar amounts   X
    Unit Goals   X
    Number of Pages : we create the first 8 pages : you may submit 2 or 4 additional pdfs to be included at no additional typesetting cost when submitted complete 4 8 to 12
    Custom Newsletter Header One-time Setup   $25
    Customizable Sections : free when submitted complete   X
    Monthly Service Fee $25 per month $39 per month
    Bundle with an existing service and save $10! $15 per month $29 per month
    Additional Options
    Basic Website : displays links to newsletters : created upon request   FREE
    Weekly Accomplishment Sheets : we can download them for you   FREE
    Custom Typesetting : need help setting up a custom section in your newsletter?   75¢ per minute
    New Offspring Sales Director Newsletter Insert including unit recognition and New Director I-Story   $15
    Spanish Newsletter : all recognition reports and articles are translated : cost is in addition to $39 monthly service fee : $50 total per month   $11 per month

    Print Newsletter and Ship to you for Mailing : Don't go to the copy store! Save time and money by having us deliver them to your doorstep!

    Includes 4 to 8 pages printed in booklet form : addressing and postage not included : shipping is additional

    Print 4 to 8 Pages on White Paper   42¢ ea
    Print 4 to 8 Pages on Pink Paper   50¢ ea
    Print 4 to 8 Pages in Full-Color   $1.59 ea

    Print Newsletter and Mail your Newsletter Directly to your Consultants : Spend more time putting product on faces and sharing the opportunity! Let us save you even more time by mailing your newsletter directly to your consultants! After all, isn't that what a good assistant should do for you?

    Includes 4 to 8 pages printed in booklet form : addressing and first-class postage is included

    Print and Mail 4 to 8 Pages on White Paper   $1.20 ea
    Print and Mail 4 to 8 Pages on Pink Paper   $1.26 ea
    Print and Mail 4 to 8 Pages in Full-Color   $1.99 ea
    Printing and/or Mailing More than 8 Pages? Add 2 or 4 pages
    Additional Pages on White Paper   5¢ ea
    Additional Pages on Pink Paper   7¢ ea
    Additional Pages in Full-Color   20¢ ea

    How much?

    We will begin working on your newsletter each month on the first. Our website will be open to allow you to enter some information to personalize your newsletter. Any information you submit to us on our website or via email by the 5th of the month will be included in your first draft which will be posted some time on the 10th. You will have until midnight eastern time on the 12th to review your newsletter or ask for more time. If no changes are required, you can approve your newsletter online for quick delivery. If changes are required, we will compile and create your final draft between the 13th and 15th of the month.

    Standard Monthly Newsletter Schedule

    How much?

    8 page professional newsletter is only $39 per month à la carte. Bundle with an existing service and save $10 for $29 per month.

    How much?

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    How much?

    Click here to open our information request form.



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