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It’s what’s happening now...right now! Put your consultants front and center by sending a weekly email including photo recognition and unit events for as low as $35 per month when bundled with another service! (only $45 à la carte).

  • Bridge the gap between your newsletter & website
  • Deliver recognition designed to motivate each week
  • Weekly contact that will add up to monthly results
  • Build Stars by keeping it front and center
  • Drive your unit to your website every week
  • Keep them up to date on events
  • What's included?

    We are all about "value added" service! When you combine your weekly eNews service with our Newsletter and Website services...additional options will be included with your eNews! Check out the list below for a full account of what you can expect to see in your eNews.

    eNews Reports eNews Service
    eNews &
    Website Services
    eNews & Newsletter Services
    Short Note Written by Newsletter Direct X X X
    Each Consultant's Individual Photo X X X
    Mary Kay Wisdom X X X
    Photos of Last Week's Team Builders X X X
    Photo of Last Week's Queen of Retail Sales X X X
    Last Week's Accomplishment Sheets...Top Ten Retail Sales X X X
    Photos of $100 Day Achievers   X  
    Unit Wholesale Goal with Current Month Progress   X  
    What's Happening on MK InTouch® X X X
    Past Unit Newsletter Image and Link     X
    Last Week's Wholesale Orders X X X
    Photos of All Red Jacket Consultants X X X
    Name Recognition of Senior Consultants X X X
    Career Level Education Chart X X X
    Court of Sales Top Five Photos X X X
    Court of Sales Top Ten Names X X X
    Court of Sharing Top Five Photos X X X
    Court of Sharing Top Ten Names X X X
    Calendar of Upcoming Events X X X
    Current Quarter Star Contest Prizes X X X
    Photos of Current Quarter Star Consultants X X X
    Photos of Last Quarter Star Consultants
    (displayed during first two weeks of each quarter)
    X X X
    Star Level Education X X X
    Current On-Target Star Report X X X
    Future National Area Photos   X  
    Monthly Program Fee $45 per
    Bundle with an existing service and save $10! $35 per

    How much?

    We will begin pulling your report information and putting your eNews together every Tuesday. It will be completed and delivered sometime between Tuesday and Thursday each week.

    How much?

    $45 per month à la carte. Bundle with an existing service and save $10 for $35 per month.
    That is about $8 per week!

    How much?

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    How much?

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