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Do you remember to remind? We do! We can send out an email to everyone in your unit to remind them of important deadlines and information. Our email system makes sure your consultants never miss out on business building opportunities while keeping you connected on a regular basis.

  • Automatically remind your team about important deadlines
  • Includes your photo and contact information
  • We make sure your team remembers so you don’t have to
  • Includes personal stats when required (ie: Star Quarterly Contest Standings)
  • Delivers message to all consultants in your unit without blocking your email account
  • What's included?

    Each email blast contains your photo, contact information and all important announcements needed to keep your team on top! Includes personal consultant stats when needed (ie: Star Quarterly Contest Standings).

    eBlast Messages Available Monthly Quarterly
    Last day to place an order for the current month X  
    End of Star Quarter : includes current standings for each consultant   X
    Preferred Customer Program Enrollment Deadline   X
    New Product Release Preview : announces and promotes new products   X
    eBlast Fee $5 per eblast

    How much?

    We deliver month end reminders about two to three days before the last day to order each month. Start Quarterly Contest announcements are also delivered about two to three days before the last day of the quarter. Preferred Customer Program reminders are sent about four to five days before the last day to enroll in the program.

    How much?

    $5 per eBlast. That's it! No matter how many consultants the message is delivered only pay a flat $5. This is an additional service and is not available for bundle discount.

    How much?

    Click here to open our short new customer form.

    How much?

    Click here to open our information request form.



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